Tip Trak Bucket Elevator

Tip Trak Bucket Elevators offer the gentlest possible handling for your product with the least maintenance and quietest operation.

Tip Trak is a bucket elevator capable of running from a single drive, both vertically and horizontally, or at any angle in between. The plastic buckets are truly interlocking and never separate.

The heart of the design is the patented Tip Trak chain. This is an elastomer moulded and bonded to a core of multiple strands of stainless steel aircraft cable.

Benefits include:

  • No transfer points as the design enables both horizontal and vertical running. This ensures gentle handling, no spillage, degradation, dusting or segregation of blended products
  • No spillage. The interlocking buckets ensure there is no spillage at the infeed and because the buckets never separate, even on vertical lifting, this ensures your product only leaves the elevator at the discharge
  • No moving parts. The Tip Trak chain through its unique combination of design and materials, delivers trouble free operation in the most demanding operational environments.
Tip Trak

Construction options:

  • Open construction using a square tube based support frame for economy, ease of cleaning and at a glance monitoring of your product
  • PEC (Partially Enclosed Construction) is suitable for most applications. Design can be customized to fit your application requirements. PEC model uses "stock" components, allowing for dust containment, operator protection and fast delivery
  • Monocoque construction is used for extremely dusty, explosive or corrosive materials where a rugged design is required for demanding applications. This design provides a monocoque heavy gauge sheet metal construction that has a smooth, clean interior – free of obstructions that can catch or hold product.

Note: All construction designs can be manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel or a combination of both. Quick access doors and a variety covers can be provided.

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