FlexmoveFlexMove is a modern conveyor system consisting of special modular designed parts that can be easily assembled and dismantled.

It is an ideal solution for today's industry where continuous production changes and ability to cater for a wide range of product variants is required.

FlexMove systems can be easily and quickly changed to meet the production requirements demanded. With a complete software library, this conveyor system can be designed and built in a very short period of time.

FlexMove has a range of chain widths from 35mm to 300mm for different applications. FlexMove offers a variety of chain designs with special surface features such as cleats, rollers, friction pads, side gripper, steel top and antistatic chain. These provide unlimited options to handle a broad range of products and transportation tasks. The unique FlexMove design provides a very flexible, low maintenance, light weight and very cost effective conveyor system.

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FlexMove is suitable for a range of applications

Flexmove® is designed as an ultimate solution for transportation system in the manufacturing industries. The system provides a good platform for future expansion and re-layout capability. With out in-depth knowledge and experience in transportation system backed by out well established worldwide marketing and services network, we are confident in providing solutions to your problems. The following list depicts out extensive experience in the industries:

Food, Beverage & Dairy Industry

Biscuit, bread, instand noodle & soup, candy, cereal, cheese, chewing gum, soft drink, sugar, yoghurt, glass & PET bottles, ice-cream, butter, juice, metal & paper cans, milk powder, pet food, snack, chocolate, coffee, confectionery, frozen food and etc.

Automotive & Machine Part Industry

Air and oil filters, gear wheel, bearings, piston, casting part, power window, motor, compressor, spark plug, front and back lights, speedometer and electronic instruments, fuelpump and etc.

Electronic & Electrical Industry

Audio and video appliances, LCD and electronic display, battery, mobile phone, compact disc, substrate, computer parts, bulbs, electrical instrument, CRT, hard disc drive, etc.

Personal Product, Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry

Aerosol can, perfume, baby oil, pills, body lotion, detergent, cosmetics, shampoo, dental equipment, shower cream, dental floss, soap, deodorant, syringe, eye care products, surgical instruments and supplies, health supplement, toothpaste, lipstick, etc.

Paper Converting & Packaging Industry

Tissue roll, bags, kitchen towel, boxes, diapers, bundies, sanitary napkins, etc.

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