Case Elevator

ConTecH Elevators provide the gentlest handling of your product with the least maintenance and quietest operation. Elevating and de-elevating applications using the Lift Trak drive belt combines all the advantages of a chain strength and positive drive with the benefits of a belt.

Lift Trak uses the patented Tip Trak chain. This is an elastomer moulded and bonded to a core of multiple strands of stainless steel aircraft cable. Similar to a timing belt it has a positive drive. The Tip Trak drive belt has no moving parts is corrosion resistant and offers long life operation.

The unique design eliminates the need for sprockets except at the drive end. At all other points the chain runs in a flagged pulley much like a V-belt in a sheave.

Benefits include:

  • Minimal moving parts
  • Trouble free operation year after year
  • No roller chains to stretch or bushings to wear out
  • After initial set up no further adjustment of chain is required
  • Non-metallic construction means the Lift Trak is ideal for sanitary applications or where corrosive materials are being conveyed
  • Quiet operation
Case Elevator

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