LMS Belt Conveyors

The LMS Belt Conveyor has a configured drive arrangement which allows for flat slider belt conveyors to reach length up to 100 metres. ConTecH belt conveyors provide gentle handling of products and transport them with minimal spillage at high capacity. LMS belt conveyors are ideal for cooling conveyor systems, oven to packaging systems, confectionery conveying

Common options include:

  • Precise 13mm knife edge transfers
  • Automatic belt tracking
  • Extension and retraction modules
  • Automatic-pneumatic belt take up
  • Belt scraper and tray
  • Return roller trays
  • Retracting ends
  • Swing transfer modules

Sanitary design ensures all joins are fully welded, no food traps or crevices and selection of approved belt material for specific applications.

LMS Belt Conveyor

Belt widths range from 150mm to 1500mm. Modular design ensures easy installation and maintenance. LMS Belt Conveyors are available with either flat steel slider deck or in roller deck form with plain knife edge roller ends.

Range of single or 3-phase gear motors to suit your application.

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